Jamaican Education System Essay

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Fixing the Jamaican School System
Jamaica is a small Caribbean island, with only 50 years of independence under its belt. Jamaica is still developing, as is currently in the global south. We believe, in order to help Jamaica boost its development, the education system must be changed. The Jamaican education system, is poor and weak. Most children only attend 5 years of schooling, their entire lives. In order to help the country we must build a strong foundation, starting from education.

Background on Jamaica that Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea- south of Cuba and west of Haiti. The island is 4,240 square miles which makes it the third-largest island country in the Caribbean. The island is made up of coastal lowlands,
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There have been many government programs to help assist students into high school. There have also been plans of creating a bus system in rural areas that would get students to and from schools. Taxi fares are high, communities are sparse, and some children must leave early in the morning and arrive in the evening, from walking to the nearest school. Richard Parchment, member of Parliament gave a speech about incorporating a bus system into rural Jamaica, "as an MP I can 't do it alone, I need every hand. I will be calling on the church, the community groups, the business leaders, the teachers, parents, and also the political opposition" The need is evident. This process will take money and time. It will also be in the government’s hands. The communities need to stay united and work toward getting transport systems. Like Parchment said, the project will involve many people. The citizens must show the government that the system will be extremely …show more content…
Jamaica needs to become motivated to fix the education problem. Motivating the older generations and the youth in order for the communities to stick together. Proper instructors and educators, will improve the order of the schools. With an improved transportation system, the attendance rates will boost, allowing many more students have a safe way to and from their schools. With all of the proper steps in place, the country will benefit. Jobs will be created. The poverty in the country will will become less and less. The economy will rise. Helping the schooling system is a win-win situation, and with the help of our generous investors, Jamaica will be able to

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