Jamaica Kincaid Girl Analysis

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Born Elaine Potter Richardson, after her first publication, she changed her name to Jamaica Kincaid. The name Jamaica comes from her Caribbean country Jamaica, Kincaid because it sounded good with Jamaica. Kincaid was born on May 25, 1949 (Stone 326). She grew up in Antigua and focuses most of her stories on West Indian mother, daughter relationships. Her short story, “Girl,” is a close relationship to her childhood experiences with her mother.
At the age of sixteen, Kincaid moved to America (Kincaid, A to Z 161). She started working as a receptionist and studied photography on the side. Later, Kincaid began to publish books. Most of Kincaid’s works are autobiography fiction that relates to growing up under British control. She published six books in total, each one a series to the other (Mark). Her short story, “Girl,” was inspired by Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “In the Waiting Room.” Throughout her writing career, Kincaid achieved several awards. One being the Morton Daduwen Zabel Award in 1983 from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Literature for her short story, "At the Bottom of the River" (Stone 327).
Although "Girl" was published in 1983, it
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The story emphasizes the relationship between a mother and her daughter, who is reaching maturity. Mother constantly reminds Daughter what a young lady should and should not be, and uses a stern tone of voice to get it through her daughter’s mind. By reading this story, someone could learn what it was like growing up female in the early 1960s while living in a Caribbean country. The way a female was raised during the time period “Girl” was written and the way a female is raised now has changed tremendously. Females today are raised to view themselves equally to men, to be independent, as well as having self respect. In conclusion, “Girl” is a powerful story that should continually be implemented in the female

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