Essay about Jacob 's And His Life

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Set in small town Englewood, Florida, 16-year-old Jacob Portman finds himself grieving over the shocking and mysterious death of his grandfather, Abe, who while dying in Jacob’s arms, unveils a “secret” from his past. Jacob must decide whether to use the clues left by his grandfather to see if the stories and photographs from his childhood are real
Although there is no mention of his birth, Jacob believes himself to live an ordinary life. He works at the local grocery store in a job he despises, but stays because his dad got him the job. Jacob isn’t social and does not have many allies in his life, but he has always had the love and support of his grandfather. Abe had become a mentor and an inspiration for Jacob as a child an into adolescence.
In the aftermath of his Abe’s death, Jacob is at a loss and struggles with what to do with the new information brought to light, and the haunting images left from what he saw that night. His family wonders if his sanity is wavering, and sends him with his father to a small fishing town in Maine to investigate the rumors and confront his demons. His adventure starts with a clue left in a book given to him by his grandfather. With that, and the memories from his grandfather’s childhood, Jacob sets off to a mysterious island, in hopes of finding out the truth.
Jacob finds himself walking through unfamiliar paths to an uninhabited island, or so he thinks. He comes across the abandoned orphanage and some of the peculiar children his…

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