Jack The Stripper Murder Case

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In London, England, by the Thames River, where women were found dead, not just any women, prostitutes. What made these murders peculiar? They were all strangled, by forceful-throat penetration, stripped of their clothes left in the night for the next pedestrian to find the cold lifeless body. Not just in the river or near the river but in the town as well. There were eight possible victims, only six confirmed by the killer nicknamed "Jack the Stripper", four possible suspects, with Mungo Ireland as the lead suspect in the "Hammersmith Nude Murder case." Sadly this case was never solved leaving three theories following behind making it difficult for guaranteed assurance of the culprit. On February 2, 1964, At the age ranging from 30-31, the first confirmed victim of "Jack The Stripper" was a prostitute that worked for the Profumo …show more content…
In 1947, Jones appeared in London were he would get married and have a daughter. He was apparently living two streets from Mungo Ireland. Police claim to not know he had been living there because he had changed his name. Neil Mikins, author of "Who Was Jack the Stripper", noticed something odd during his investigation after his spinal surgery. He noticed a self believed non-coincidental movement with Jones, within three years he noticed Harold moved by and lived near every claimed victim of "Jack the Stripper." Harold also worked with sheet metal and used industrial paint spray in his work. Every victim was stored the same way Neil suspected Jones would have. Though, Jack kept his victims teeth, Jones kept the handkerchiefs. To conclude Neil's theory, Harold Jones once again moved by one of the victims Bridget O'Hara just two streets down. She went missing on Jones 58th birthday, believed to be his last sick present bestowed by himself before he died. The year of death for Harold was

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