Jack The Ripper Case Study Essay

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This case study examines Jack the Ripper and the horrible acts of violence he committed in the East End of London during 1888 where five women were murdered. These murders received so much media coverage that what would have been the terrible tragedy of five people being murdered became one of the most famous series of murders and the killer became one of the most terrifying of all time. During this case study, I will describe some current techniques that could have been used in the investigation of the crime to help identify a suspect. In addition, I will discuss the interviewing techniques that would serve this type of case best and describe the strengths and limitations for each technique. Finally, I will explain how both the
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According to Kitaeff (2011), some things that play a role in scientific model of criminal profiling include the following:
• Signature - Does the suspect do something each time that reveals something about them. For example if they leave a bible, or place a blanket over the victim.
• Modus Operandi - Pattern to the crime such as the victim always being held for 3 days, with restraints, without food and water, then being strangled with a belt before being placed in the water weighted down by two 5lb weights. This specific pattern speaks to how the individual thinks and the rituals they need to utilize before they are done with their victim.
• Type of Crime/Classes of crime - This is homicide versus assault and violent versus nonviolent
Many of the factors of profiling, advanced techniques of investigation, and interviewing techniques would have made quite a difference in the Jack the Ripper case however without these abilities there can only be assumption and speculation as to the who, why, and how as well as theories as to why the killings stopped so

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