Analysis Of Jack The Ripper

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Why was Jack the ripper never found and never caught, it was because he always killed at night. While nobody was around her murdered people in alley ways and dark corners. He was a mince and he was a brutal. He was a not caught because of the facts and evident’s they had, was not that great. All the recourses they had were not as good as they are today. If they had the things we had today, they would have fond him. Then they would have found him and he would have been put in jail or gone to prison. Then he would not have gotten out off what he did scot free. What he did was wrong and he should not have got away with it but he did. Simply on the fact of them having a lack of evidence, giving them multiple suspects. Jack the Ripper killed …show more content…
He used it to cut up them and remove body parts organs and he did this six different times in one place that isn’t all the people he murdered he killed many more he killed Mary Nichols, killed on august 31st 1888 she had parts removed from her body like many other demon. Some of the suspspects were Walter sickert, john Pizer, Thomas Hayne cutbush and many others were suspects in this case of murders. they were all suspects no one was accused of being the killer in these murders his name and motives are still unknown he was one of the world’s most infamous killers he was known for his notorious killings the unfound man he earned his title as jack the ripper someone like this deserves to get caught but he didn’t because the cops were not as good as they are today and didn’t have the things they needed to catch him they could have caught him if they worked hard enough but they didn’t they did their job but it wasn’t like the cops do today the cops today can catch someone in a matter of weeks back in the 1800 it took them months if not years to catch someone. And people got away with so much that they did and never got caught like jack the ripper he got away with murdering so many people what he did to all those girls was wrong and demented and worse the worst thing that could happen to a girl which is being dismembered and cut up and having there

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