Jack Goodall's Role In The Great Depression

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Jack Goodall 's active involvement in the administration of the Victorian game had begun soon after the Great War, when the Reid family left for Sydney, and the sport finally resumed after the war interruption, at the start of the roaring twenties. Many of the foundation players had gone to war, some never to return, others were busily raising families of their own. Goodall guided the rebuilding of the decimated Victorian game; the first interstate women 's ice hockey competition in 1922; and the first national association in 1923. During the twenties, he had married a second time, retired as a player (returning briefly only for Kendall 's farewell series), busied himself with setting the sport on a national footing, and regularly presented the Goodall Cup at interstate tournaments.

After the Wall Street crash in October 1929, unemployment in Australia had doubled to twenty-one percent by mid-1930. Jack Goodall, himself a Queen Street stockbroker, returned in 1930 after a five year absence to head the VIHA, following the death of its president, Peter Ross Sutherland. In the midst of the Great Depression, Goodall presided over
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He had represented England in the ice-hockey championship in Switzerland, playing against Canada, Switzerland and France, and he had also represented Great Britain in the ice sports at Davos, Switzerland, with conspicuous success. [10] Trained by Jim Kendall, he was a defenseman who represented New South Wales in the Goodall Cup from 1927 until 1946, often as captain, then became a manager and coach with the New South Wales association. Although he retired as a player at the age of thirty-nine, he continued in the sport as a selector and coach for New South Wales. Brown was the first Australian ice hockey player and speed skater to compete overseas, preceding Australia 's first Winter Olympian by five

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