Ivan 1v Case Study

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The rise of the Russian Empire is traced way back in the 1490s during the reign of “Ivan the greatest”. His leadership unified the Russian people and made them be powerful force in battlefields. Defeating the Mongol army in 1480 was a vital step towards expansion of this great empire . Basing on historical facts, Russia became a superpower nation even before the 19th century due to the kind of leaders they had. Ivan 1V is a legendary name in the minds of all Russians who treasure the success of their nation. He was a great visionary and a leader with good motives . Due to his leadership, he mobilized the formation of laws that were used to bring order to the empire and set goals that propelled the empire to success.
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He was able to create the churches and the tax reforms in the Russian state. The main reason Ivan was expanding the state was to enable hi resist the Mongols attack and also to increase the borders of Russia so that he can be able to create an empire that is more centralized. As Ivan was trying to increase the borders of Russia, he was able to defeat the Kazan army. When Ivan was able to defeat the Kazan, he decides to commission the construction of a Catholic church called St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Ivan was also able to expand the Russian Empire to Siberia. Siberia was reached in the natural resources like mountains and trees, and it was providing a vast natural resource that was not found in Russia …show more content…
It is believed that it was only the beginning. During a summit in the Moscow city on 24th of December, many of the members of the founder of the troika were able to reaffirm their intention to be able to create what was called the Eurasian Economic Union by 2015. The new body will end up mimicking the EU’s integration mantra, and it will also copy the outlines regarding the architecture of the institution . The union tends to serve as the bridge between the Asia and the European countries. There is a lot that is left that requires settling concerning the shape of the alliance. Moscow under the umbrella of Mr. Putin is now floating the idea of the supranational political. The idea is intended to make some of the countries to lose their independence. It is the same thing with the way Ivan was operating. Ivan was coming up with different rules and regulations that were enabling him to capture other countries in a more easy way. We have the Belarus president who is currently stating that he does not mind about the sovereignty since it is not an idol that can be worshiped. Although other people are still unconvinced by his statements, he is convinced of his statement. The president of the Kazakhstan now fears the Russian control, and he is claiming that the economic integration is likely to suffice. It is also hard to tell whether the pact of the Mr. Putin will allow other partners to

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