IT530 Assignment-Unit 6 Essay

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IT530 Assignment-Unit 6
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IT530 Assignment-Unit 6
Wireless Security
The concepts of wireless network security consist of commitment of cyber security and maintaining security based on the latest development and exploits against the network K.W. Ross, J. K. (2012). Wireless Network Security is based on the principles of cryptography, message integrity, authentication, securing e-mails, securing TCP connections: SSL, securing Network layer: IPsec, securing wirelsess: LANs, securing the operational security structure, such as the firewalls and the IDS K.W. Ross, J. K. (2012). This security
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Network Security Protocols
Uses algorithms for encrypting data to ensure it is not readable by unauthorized users Wang, S. (2010).
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This method is used to transfer files, but it is sent in cleartext and is not encrypted.
STP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
Sent through Secure Shell (SSH) encrypts the commands and data transfers over the network.
SSL/TLS (secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security)
The underlying protocol for SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) and it is a cryptographic network protocol for remote command login, it provides a secure data communication over the networks Wang, S. (2010). SSH/TLS authenticates the identification of the server and the client. It produces encryption communication between the browser and the web server, such as HTTP.
VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
Protocols such as Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), IP Security (IPsec), and SSH (Secured Shell) help to secure communication remotely for users and organizations anywhere and provide a safe connection with cost reduction.
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Basic Network Protocols
The main communication protocol for the internet protocol, it is the networking model known as TCP/IP TCP/IP Networking Protocol (n.d.). This protocol falls under Packaging and Low

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