Essay about It 's Simple, Give The Customers What They Want

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It’s simple, “give the customers what they want.” The narrator of “Business Philosophy,” lets the reader see the world of sex trafficking through his eyes. This creepy criminal sets the record straight about his business. His narrative intends to serve some empathy in his favor but the author’s clever writing style does just the opposite. Through the use of structural irony the author circumvents the narrator with a message that resonates deeply with the reader. The author shows how the use of structural irony can make the abhorrent actions of a narrator and the entire sexual trafficking business seem even more disturbing, by giving his unaltered point of view and intentions. The narrator is the leader of a sex trafficking ring in a European country. His objective specifically is to give the reader insight about his business and explain that he is within the ethical boundaries of society. “No one goes out to hurt the girlies intentionally,” as he states in the second paragraph of the story on page 37. Already, so early in the narrative the author is showing how selfish the narrator is. Just the idea that the narrator is defending his reasoning for hurting women shows his complete lack of confliction on the matter. The author is juxtaposing his narrator’s words with the message that is forming quickly for the reader. This juxtaposition, or double meaning, is what forms the structural irony that continues to build and become more apparent throughout the entire story.

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