It 's Because You 're A Girl Essay

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It’s Because You’re A Girl
Thomson argues in her article “A Defense of Abortion” that most abortions are morally permissible. In this paper I will assess her arguments regarding abortion. Also I will include an example where she would argue abortion would not be permissible. I will offer a counter argument as well as her projected response to the counter argument.
Thomson acknowledges that fetuses are persons and that they have the right to life. She talks about permission stating that though the fetus has the right to life it does not have the right to your body without permission. She begins with a series of analogies. Her first analogy is the famous violinist, who is on the verge of death and needs someone to plug in to save him. She states that you do not have to stay plugged in to save his life, it would be nice of you to, but you are not obligated to. This analogy is for a fetus using the mother as a host through the umbilical cord. This argument is used in the case of rape, because you did not grant the fetus the permission to enter your body, but it would be genuine of you to let it prosper and you should let the fetus develop according to the Good Samaritan view. Another analogy presented by Thomson is the burglar analogy. She sets the stage that you live in your house and there is news of a burglar going around and the house has gotten stuffy. You want to open your windows and as any reasonable person would, you do. If the burglar comes in you are not obligated to…

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