It 's A Sea Filled With Anxiety Essay

1195 Words Sep 25th, 2015 5 Pages
Never in my life have I been so nervous. My body feels as if it’s a sea filled with anxiety. Throughout life, the mentors of society advise youth never to engage in conversations with strangers. This guidance becomes pounded into developing minds through rhymes such as, “stranger danger” or sayings such as “run away to a trusted adult” or even, “ scream as though your life depends on it”. The idea that coming in contact with people that one doesn’t already know and trust will bring danger or harm to an individual has helped to keep most children safe from some of the scariest scenarios. Yet here I am, about to ask my parents if they would spend five hundred dollars to send their sixteen-year-old child on a plane to meet three of his so called “friends” he met playing video games to compete for a prize of fifty thousand dollars. A question of this caliber is every parent’s worst nightmare so to expect a pleasant response was not expected to say the least. Little did I know that this moment would change my life forever and taught me a very important lesson, taking risks are crucial to life.
My mind began to start questioning the question itself. “Save yourself the embarrassment of them laughing at you for asking such a bizarre question,” I told myself. This was just one of what felt like millions of statements that I kept pessimistically saying. Yet somehow despite all the negative thoughts racing through my mind about this whole scenario I managed to find a spark of…

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