It Was A Warm Summer Day Essay

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It was a warm summer day. The perfect weather for ice cream, Xion Caelum thought to herself. Then again, it was always perfect weather for ice cream. This time, she had an excuse to get it.

Settled on treating herself, Xion quickly gathered her things to prepare to leave; her Moogle shaped coin bag, her new Key 3 phone (already cracked from an accidental trip), and her keys.

Xion examined herself in the mirror; her coal black hair was messy and greasy, but she simply pulled it back in a ponytail. Dark circles were visible underneath her blue eyes. She didn’t care in the end. It would be a quick stop anyway.

“I’m heading out, want anything?” the teenager announced before leaving. Her older sister Yuffie had asked her to buy an ingredient she had forgotten for dinner, and her brother Noctis asked for a pastry from the coffee shop. Xion and her family lived right across the street from the shopping plaza so it didn’t take long to walk over. Radiant Groceries was a chain grocery store with a SkyNotes coffee chain nearby. SkyNotes was always crowded, so Xion decided to go afterwards.

Entering Radiant felt mechanical; she had been here so often that she could get what she needed and go home in her sleep. The warm familiar walls greeted her as she strolled past the aisles toward the produce aisle. She grabbed what she needed for Yuffie, then headed towards frozen section in the back of the store. Xion rooted herself in front of the familiar door and stared at the selection.…

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