Essay about It Was A Warm August Night

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It was a warm July night, everything seemed to be going perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be more wrong. At 10:30, my life changed forever. My dad got a horrifying call from my grandma, “Lee I fell! I fell!” she yelped. Hear the trembling in her voice, he knew that it wasn’t anything that should be taken lightly. None of us knew what to do since we live an hour and a half away from her. My dad urged my grandma to get an ambulance over right away. She was brought to the local hospital and immediately was placed in the ICU. When my parents went to see her the next day, the doctor explained that when my grandma fell, she broke her pelvis in two places. Morphine was given through IVs to help with the pain, but there was no treatment beyond that.
As the day went on, her blood pressure was dropping quickly. As Tyler, Christie, Jimmy and I walked into the hospital room, I was instantly taken back from the stench of hand sanitizer and medicine. Keeping my head down, I walk by all the rooms of people. I didn’t want them to think I was staring at them; it’s hard though. There’s a room, to the left of my grandma’s, with a family huddled together, crying . I notice that it’s the same room that my grandpa died in only a year and a half ago. Finally, we arrive at my grandmas room.
“Shirley, you have company!” exclaims the nurse
“My beautiful grandchildren! I didn’t know you all were coming today.”
“We wanted to surprise you Ema. How are you do-?”
She grabbed my hand and pulled me…

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