Essay on It Was A Hot Mid Summer 's Day Morning

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It was a hot mid-summer’s day afternoon. The hustle and bustle of the emergency room made the toil of the humming AC non-existent. I was looking into a patient and was writing orders when a colleague prompted me to some people standing in the waiting zone. As I moved towards them, faces greeting me with a Namaste. The parents and the teenage child who had shown to our service a week earlier after ingesting a commonly used farm pesticide stood there. The family had been to several hospitals only to be referred to our center in severe distress. Soon after arrival, we started her treatment and after being admitted to the ICU and getting a proper psychiatric evaluation, she was discharged. They thanked me and the team for our efforts and the girl with the bright eyes promised to make the most out of her second life and bid good-bye. The incident took away the heat and the tiredness of the day. I was proud to have helped save a life but also distressed by the realization that hundreds of thousands of Nepalese are dying elsewhere because of inaccessibility of proper healthcare.

As beautiful and serene Nepal is, with mountains, lush hills and rivers in abundance, it is also difficult. A stark contrast to nature’s abundance is evident with the lack of basics of modern development like education, infrastructure and healthcare. The hollow created by this absence is then filled by ignorance and misconceptions that run its root deeper than health facilities and care. The resultant…

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