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The IT Directors of the (DIY) stores in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have been notified that the European holding company is selling the retail chain. This has caused concern about continued employment for all involved. The holding company has assured the employees they will do what is necessary to keep personnel in place during the transition. The holding company has changed its goal of finding a working set of IT applications. It was initially decided to use either England or France’s IT applications. Now the holding company requires that the IT applications used in all stores be globally acceptable and easily integrated so that multiple buyers will have interest in purchasing the stores. The holding company …show more content…
The consultant has designed a RACI chart to outline who will be assigned to certain tasks necessary to complete the project. The person’s assigned tasks in the RACI chart include a stakeholder from the European holding company that owns the chain of stores, IT Directors and store Operations Directors from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and the consultant.


The stores Operations Directors will be responsible for the marketing, consumer, product and sales information of the project since they have availability to the information needed to conduct research in these areas. The consultant will be the person accountable for all of the research projects since he is the expert. The consultant and the IT Directors will be consulted of all research projects to keep them informed. Since the IT Directors do not have the expertise or the availability to the information needed to conduct marketing research they are not assigned to any of the research projects but will be consulted and kept informed. The IT Directors and a named stakeholder Executive from the European holding company will be the informed of the projects since they are the key people that need to know the details of the research. In the review process the consultant will be the responsible party since he is the expert and all Operations Directors will be held accountable for the research they provide for the project.

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