Issues With The American Judicial System And Mass Incarceration

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Issues with the American judicial system and mass incarceration are subjects that we, in our modern state, hear and see often on all major media outlets on what seems like a daily basis. Of course, when we do hear about judicial issues like mass incarceration, we typically only hear about these abuses of power in relation to African Americans and the struggle they face and we very seldom hear about those of other groups. Native American’s are one of those groups that face this form of prejudice. Modern Native American communities face instances of over and under-policing, a labyrinth of judicial difficulty, and mass incarceration. Within Native communities, however, there is another distinction: Native women, specifically, are targets of these abuses, historically and in modern society. 324 of the1,745 inmates in Indian country jails in 2004 were adult females, 74 were adolescent females. For a Native American, it is fairly common to have either been incarcerated or know of another Native who was incarcerated. .
Native American women face race, gender, and class-based-discrimination at all levels of the criminal justice system, from arrest to incarceration to treatment while in prison. In the state of Montana, Native Americans make upon six percent of the state population in 1990-1992. Native American men made up around twenty percent of the state’s prison population while Native women accounted for about 25 percent. The women that were incarcerated were more likely to…

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