Isolationism In Ww2 Essay

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“When the war began, the United States had entered a period of isolationism. Americans viewed the conflict as Europe’s problems and wished to keep it that way” (“Reasons for American Entry into World War II” 1). America could have avoided the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Holocaust could have been stopped earlier and the death count would have been less. Europe would not have fallen to Hitler’s Power, and the war would of ended much sooner than 1945. Before America could join the war, President Roosevelt had to persuade the isolationist that war was coming. If Americans were persuaded to join World War II (WWII), then the war’s tragic events could have been avoided. Some isolationists were serious with their beliefs; some were afraid of what …show more content…
Reluctance to challenge Hitler, ultimately led to his armies occupying most of Western Europe and unfathomable human suffering. Hitler’s goal was to create the perfect race, the Aryan race, but to make that happen, he had to get rid of the impurities, the non-Aryans, the disabled, the gypsies, and more, but the most targeted group was the Jews. “In public, Hitler repeatedly boasted that his promise, that in a new war the Jews of Europe would be exterminated” (Weinberg 473). The US wanted to be isolated, even though Jews were being abused and killed by the Nazi Party. If America joined earlier, the death of 6 million Jews would have been decreased or non-existent today. Americans were never oblivious about the abuse on Jews. “Although the anti-Semitic violence of Kristallnacht was widely covered in the American press at the time, it still moved few Americans to reconsider their isolationist stance” (“Diplomacy in World War II” 3). America knew about the Jews being abused in a cruel way and still wanted to be neutral. Even when Jews were trying to leave the conflict and go to the safety of America, most were turned away because Americans were afraid of what would happen if too many Jews came into the US. Isolationists never cared about the lives being killed in Europe, the only thing that was cared about was being away from the growing

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