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Islamic Political System Political aspects of Islam are derived from the Qur'an, the Sunna, Muslim history, and elements of political movements outside Islam. Religion and politics are one and the same in Islam. They are intertwined. We already know that Islam is a complete system of life and politics is very much a part of our collective life. Just as Islam teaches us how to perform prayers, observe fasting, pay Zakah and undertake Hajj, so it teaches us how to run a state, from a government, elect councilors and members of parliament, make treaties and conduct business and commerce. The political system of Islam is based on three principles: Tawhid (unity of Allah), Risalat (Prophethood), and Khilafat (vicegerency). It is difficult …show more content…
Man, according to Islam, is the representative of Allah on earth, His vicegerent. That is to say, by virtue of the powers delegated to him by Allah, he is required to exercise his Allah- given authority in this world within the limits prescribed by Allah. Take, for example, the case of an estate which someone has been appointed to administer on your behalf. You will see that four conditions are invariably met. First, the real ownership of these estate remains vested in you and not in the administrator. Second, he administers your property only in accordance with your instructions. Third, he exercises his authority within the limits prescribed by you and fourth, in the administration of the trust he executes your will and not his own. These four conditions are so inherent in the concept of ‘representation’ that if any representative fails to observe them he will rightly be blamed for breaking the covenant which was implied in the concept of ‘representation’. This is exactly what Islam means when it affirms that man is the vicegerent of Allah on earth. Hence, these four conditions are also involved in the concept of Khilafat.

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