Iranian Hostage Crisis Summary

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Argo submerges the viewer in an in depth portrayal of the iranian hostage crisis, not only through cinematic effects, but by analyzing the iranian hostage situation, and criticizing the current state of the hostility between the two countries.
Understanding the Conflict
The tension between Iran and the United States stemmed from an intense conflict over oil. Iran’s petroleum reserves were largely controlled by Britain and America. 1951 the People of Iran elected a new prime minister, a nationalist named Muhammad Mossadegh. Mossadegh’s plan was to nationalize the oil industry in Iran. In response the American C.I.A. and the British intelligence service devised a plan to overthrow Mossadegh and replace him with a leader who would be more receptive to the interest of the West(1) In August 1953, Mossadegh was overthrown, and a new government was established. The new Prime Minister, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi instituted the Shah government, a secular,
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Throughout the movie, there are scenes of Americans being displayed as radical, nationalistic Americans that wanted US to act upon this issue. But According to President Carter was not handling the situation appropriately and was being too passive , in a “Too much talk, No action” manner. This lead to the election of Ronald Reagan a great patriot and proud of American that was a man of action. Once Reagan took office all hostages were immediately released. This brings the reader to the current state of affairs, After a passive president Obama that signed the Iran nuclear deal, and that tried sympathize with Iran, a President succeeded that believes in peace through strength, and in ‘making america great again ‘ Argo Criticises the Hostility between two hostile people of Two different nations, the purpose of the is movie was to portray those tensions on the big screen for the world to

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