Essay on Islamic Fervor And Radical Identities

1192 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
The recent rise of Pan-Islamic fervor and radical identities due to the recent events involving global terrorism, underpin the importance of scholars to highlight the misperceptions of Islam as a unitary ideological entity whose beliefs and practices are one in the same. In fact, such beliefs come from a limited knowledge of historical information regarding Islam and its varied practices around the world. Islam does not have one flavor, but in truth is a diverse cohort of situated cultural, political, and socio-economic factors that interplay with one another in defining themselves. Islam is very much a diverse, multi-leveled, modern religion, who tenants don’t preach violence. The violence we see today is a manifestation of entities, diverse in nature, creating their own radical ideologies to parallel all other islamic beliefs and values. Using the notions that Islam is in fact a diverse religion and that its has a place in todays modern world as seen by the West, a picture of Islam as being non-violent will begin to form and the contradictory thoughts of it being violent will begin to fall away.

The first area of thought that is pervasive is the notion that Islam is a singular entity whereby individuals are a collective whole whose beliefs, customs, practices, and values are all in line with one another. This line of argument, therefore is used by individuals and groups to justify actions taken by a few, who identity as Muslim, to mean that all Muslims act in such way.…

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