Essay on Islamic Civilization : The Arabian Nights

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The Arabian Nights allows the reader to get a glimpse of Islamic civilization. One can find a deeper understanding of Islamic society and the values they hold dear. Values such as faith and wisdom are crucial to their civilization. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the Islamic society is based around faith and wisdom. These two values Faith and Wisdom are constantly presented throughout the stories in The Arabian Nights. Analyzing the values in The Arabian Nights can also be seen as analyzing Islamic civilization. In the Arabian Nights one can see different aspects of faith in Islamic society. This is due to the importance that faith has to the plot in the stories. In essence Islamic civilization can be described as an “age of a faith” in God. Such an example can be seen in the story of "The City of Brass". There is constant reference to faith in every sector of the story, such as in the brass. The brass itself signifies faith in God. Which according to the Islamic religion faith in God is able to conqueror anything. The brass bottle is used to imprison the genie in this story, which the brass bottle also represents King Solomon, “he would imprison jin, marids and devils in brass bottles.”(Pg.519). In the story of “The Fisherman and the Demon” the main antagonist is a genie, which is mentioned in the Islamic religion. The genie is seen as a being that is out to deceive mankind when it does not fear God. In the Islamic religion the genie is said to respect and…

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