Essay about Islam And The Islamic World

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Islamic Faith one of the most powerful and popular religions around the world. I will introduce to you the facts about this religion and what the Islamic World has to offer. There are some similarities between Islam and other religions that also will be discussed. By the time I am done with this essay you will learn who is Islam the deity, understand their relationship with deity, cores and beliefs, rules and ways Islam live their faith, how do Islam understand life after death and what is Islamic leadership and organization of this religion. I will conclude, my essay on my thoughts of the Islam religion.
According the Islamic faith, the word Islam mean obedience or submission of faith. Allah is deity, Arabic, the creator of the universe, unique, and the one and only true God. Most don’t understand that Allah is the same God of the Christian expect Muslims believe that there is no son, partner, resemblance, or companion. Allah has no face, meaning there is no he/she only God. The word Muslim meaning a person who is Islam. The Quran is a book the Muslim follow with the word of God revelation. Muhammad is Islam founder.
The story of Muhammad begins in the late 570CE, Muhammad became an orphan at an early age with both parents dying and was raised by his uncle. At the age 40, Muhammad received his first message from one of God’s Angel’s named Gabriel, it was said that he showed Muhammad some words, but he didn’t understand them because he was unable to read…

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