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ISAS600 Mid-Term Exam: Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, 3/4/2012 - Post your answers in the Assignments Section of the Classroom. Prepare your answers in a Microsoft Word document in APA Format which included the Title Page, Paragraph Formats, Cites and References. Abstract and Table of Content are not required for Exans. • Be sure that your answers directly answer the questions asked and that they are "keyed" to the specific part of the question. • Your answers should be concise while covering all applicable points/issues. • Be sure to incorporate the topics covered to date in your answers and cite references. Textbook cites must contain the Page Number. • Spell, Grammar and virus check your document …show more content…
1.b. Define/describe an applicable database providing a field name, description, data type (alpha, numeric, date, logical, etc.) and size of each field. Note that the Feasibility Study has not been written so it is inappropriate to write/develop a database in response to this question.

1.c List typical reports needed by this business that would be generated from this database and specify their use.
For one of the reports listed, define the report, in terms of selection criteria, sort order, data elements and use of the report.
Question 2
Describe the advantages afforded by a user-friendly, "intelligent", data-entry screen as opposed to the default screen generated by a Database Management System for a particular application.

Question 3
A mathematics professor at a well-known university teaches three classes each semester, with an average of 40 students per class. Much of his/her class preparation time is taken up by preparing (composing) lecture notes, overheads and other supplemental class material. He/she also spends a great deal of time conducting research for the papers he/she has to write (this involves a lot of travel to the library). He/she does not have a computer, but he/she has heard that they can be a real time-saver.

3.a What steps should be taken in the development of a recommendation?

3.b What kinds of hardware and software would you recommend, why would

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