Is Tv Too White? Essay

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Is TV Too White?
Most, if not all characters featured on television programs are white. On the off chance that there are Asians, Blacks, or Latinos, they all usually have one thing in common. Asians are depicted as quiet, sexless, geniuses. Blacks as loud, comical, uneducated, or sassy. Latinas are portrayed as feisty, sexy, domesticated, and dumb. Anyone who has ever seen ‘Modern Family’ knows Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, is a walking stereotype. Though inclusion is important on television, it is ineffective if all nonwhite characters are featured for the sole purpose of being the “token” Asian, Black, or Latino. Racial inclusion is also ineffective when all minority characters possess qualities that meet Eurocentric beauty standards. Most black women on television have fair skin and straight/permed hair. Neither of these qualities are the norm for the average black woman. This is both appealing and comforting for viewers, because though it is not what we are used to seeing, it is pretty close. The fair skinned, straight haired, black woman is not viewed as a black woman nor is she judged as a black woman. These normalcies on television make it easy for people to “not see color” because nonwhite actors are portrayed as only a fraction of their race/ethnicity.
Not only is there a diversity problem in Hollywood, there is also an “inclusion crisis.” Researchers at the University of California found that there is an “epidemic of invisibility,” after analyzing over 21,000…

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