Essay on Is The Zero Tolerance Law?

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Although the Zero-Tolerance Law applies to individuals 21-years old and younger, it should apply to all ages, even though many individuals argue a few alcoholic beverages do not affect one’s driving skills. Everyday, intoxicated individuals get behind the wheel of a car, misjudging his or her blood alcohol levels, causing fatal car crashes. This is a widespread issue, so Minnesota should apply the Zero-Tolerance Law to all ages. This law incorporates a DUI immediately if any alcohol is found in one’s blood stream, and if one drives intoxicated his or her license is automatically suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles (Appelman.Law).
Alcohol can impair one’s ability to make decisions, which often leads individuals to get behind the wheel of a car buzzed or drunk. Everyday, intoxicated individuals get behind the wheel of a car, thinking they are capable to drive after just a few drinks of alcohol. However, voices of victims involved with alcohol-related accidents spoke out, and said they did not think or did not realize how much alcohol they had to drink, and that getting behind the wheel was not worth it(MADD). Therefore, some individuals do not realize a few alcoholic drinks can affect one’s decisions, emotions, and motor skills. Unfortunately, even a little alcohol can affect individuals greatly resulting in fatal car crashes. A study in the article, “Is Buzzed Driving Really Drunk Driving”, it explains buzzed drivers with a blood alcohol level of .01, which is…

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