Essay Is The Western Society?

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Western society is a very diverse population that has small pockets of different communities within it. One of these smaller communities is university residence where students come from all around the world and live together on campus while they go to school. The majority of these students are first year university students who come to university knowing very few people, feeling all alone in this big new world, and having so much more freedom and responsibility. Most first years participate in orientation week where they are put into teams and play insane games as a way to get to know one another before the school year commences. Most bonds are formed in this week, and groups are determined. For many the first few weeks are the hardest weeks of their time at university, they are away from home, they have not established a support group yet, and for some, they question if they want to be here at all. But after those first few weeks a lot changes and a society is created.
In residence, there are residence fellows who are upper year students that act like parents to the new students. The residence fellows lay out the rules for the students, attempt to bring students together, and show the students how life in residence will work. The new students are then essentially on their own for everything else. The rules of residence are simple, there is not to be any alcohol consumption unless the student is of age (19 years old in Ontario), students are to keep their rooms tidy,…

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