Is The United States Government A Force For Good? Essay

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Is the United States Government a Force for Good?
Today, with the ever-changing geopolitical landscape it’s important to take an objective and critical look at our government for what it is now. A passive population is critical in the rise of authoritarian governments. A well-known example is Nazi Germany (1933-1945). To accurately gauge whether the US is a necessary force or a nation that has simply become too involved in external affairs requires an understanding of it’s past, present, and projected path. The past greatly influences the future and the United States has seen itself thrust onto the world stage in the past hundred years. Undoubtedly, a nation in this situation has the capacity to do great things for the world yet it can also develop unknowingly into a looming terror.
The United States began to step into worldly affairs under president Theodore Roosevelt. A proverb often quoted by the late president that accurately describes his time in office is “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. During the duration of Theodore Roosevelt’s first term he oversaw the construction of the Panama Canal as a strategic trading point as well as military usage for the Navy. He upheld the Monroe Doctrine which laid claim that foreign nations attempting to interfere with affairs in the America’s would be interpreted as a hostile act against the United States. He used the doctrine to ensure completion of the canal and that no foreign powers would attempt to use it. This is a very…

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