Is The Internet Bad For Young People? Essay

870 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Is the internet bad for young people? Does it affect relationships they form other people? Is there danger that we monitor for our kids? Information is now available at the touch of a button it is now easier than ever to access the internet whether you 're using a computer, phone or tablet. Everywhere you look you see people looking down checking and updating their social media, texting friends, or playing games. It all sounds great; connecting with people you have never met or have not seen in years, sharing information and memories with people, knowing the answers to questions in seconds. What if those privileges are abused? With almost everybody having access to the internet shouldn 't there be laws against harassment that occur online as well. It is in our constitution to have free speech and that does include the realm of the internet. It goes too far when it is used to threaten, bully, and constantly harass fellow internet users. To a certain degree free speech applies on the internet, still laws should be updated to include online harassment in a way that offers more protection to its victims.
The internet has the potential to do many wonderful things, so what do we as humans do with this power, we abuse it. Harassment spews from the source probably just as much as information, the black spot on the internet has to be the internet harassers. Varying from general bullying to terrifically creative death threats, the internet has been adopted as a device for voicing the…

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