Essay on Is The Infinite Divine Substance?

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The first time I actually questioned mankind’s purpose was when I was speaking with a fellow atheist, such as myself. We were just conversing on many philosophical topics when the idea of destiny and fate came up. This soon led to us debating whether or not mankind has a greater purpose. My stance on the topic was that only a creator could give a product a purpose, and because I do not believe that there is an infinite divine substance, a purpose could not have been given for our life, which was merely the result of probability and chance (As the universe expands, odds are, at least one planet will be created with the right conditions to harbor our form of life). Rather, we can use knowledge to create our own individual purposes while still acknowledging that there is no greater purpose for mankind. So as to the statement “The whole point of knowledge is to produce both meaning and purpose in our personal lives”, I wholly believe that the only way we can create and achieve a purpose is through knowledge, but we don’t only obtain knowledge to find a purpose. It is not a biconditional proposition based upon the fact that purpose depends on knowledge, however knowledge does not depend on a purpose. In order to get across the idea of obtaining knowledge to achieve a purpose, one can look towards many different types of philosophy and see how knowledge was used to create and achieve a purpose. The first grouping of philosophies all correlate back to the underlying philosophy…

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