Is The Extent Of Human Suffering Evidence Of God 's Non Existence?

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Final Paper Many people would agree that there appears to be a contradiction between a loving God and the reality of evil. The attempt to answer these difficult contradictions is referred to as a theodicy. The great Christian thinker of our time, C. S. Lewis, wrote as an atheist after his beloved wife died, “meanwhile where is God? This is one of the most disquieting symptoms… But to go to Him when your need is desperate, when all other help is in vain, and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double bolting on the inside” (Velarde 1). Timothy Keller, pastor, and author of The Reason for God, believes that people have more problems concerning evil and suffering which for them, calls into question philosophically the very existence of God (Keller 22). This paper will explore the question, “Is the extent of human suffering evidence of God’s non-existence? One does not have to look very far to experience or witness evil and suffering in the world. Evil and suffering extend to the moral world as well as the natural world. In the moral world, one only has to look at the history of humanity at its worst with tyrants who annihilated millions of their own people. In the last century, history records the evils of the Holocaust under Hitler and the horrors of the concentration camps. Millions were killed under Stalin and Moa Tse-Tung. Who can forget the discovery of Pol Pot’s killing fields in Cambodia? The world shuddered over the…

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