Is The Downfall Of Wind Power Worth The Loss? Essay

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Is the downfall of wind power worth the loss? Is it worth losing your land or health? Humans have relied so heavily on fossil fuels that they are deteriorating, harming the environment, and are costly. Fossil fuels are used to provide electricity to our homes, and work. Gasoline is used to transport people, material and food. Without the energy supplied to trains, ships, and airplanes, transportation would be much different and so would our way of life determined on the things that are imported and exported in our country. Coal is another resource used, but at the cost of the environment. Fossil fuels certainly make our way of life easier, but what does it do to our environment? Fossil fuels express CO2 emissions into the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect, resulting in global warming. This is not good because it makes the earth is heat up, and eventually will be too hot for life to live on.
To detour the effect of global warming a few cleaner, natural resources have made their way into more economic use. One is wind power, it has been around for a while mostly known to grind grain and pump water. Today wind power is supplying electricity to buildings, more specifically 4.5 million homes in the United States. By using wind turbines, wind is changed from kinetic energy into electric or mechanical energy. The turbine is like a backwards fan. It uses the wind to turn the blades that generate the motor that makes the energy. Currently the United States electricity is…

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