Maine: A Persuasive Speech Outline

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Persuasive Speech outline template
I. Introduction: I have only been in Maine for four and a half years, yet I already gain the attachment of Maine peacefulness and nature. My house is one mile away from the Schoodic national park and 37 miles away from Acadia national park. It is gorgeous during the summer, tourists would come in and take their vacation here. The reason why the tourist came to Maine is because they come to see the natural beauty of Maine, to see Maine mountain, and to see Maine ocean. A. Attention-getter: According to 24/7 Wall St. generated an index to rank the peacefulness of each state in the nation. It appears that Maine is the most peaceful state in America. B. Thesis statement: As a result, Windmill or wind energy should not be in Maine because wind turbine
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Conclusion: In Conclusion, wind turbine is definitely useful, but Maine is not the right location for it. It will be more efficient to other states such as Texas, Iowa, and California where there is no snowstorm, but have more land. because

A. I believe that wind turbine should not be in Maine because 1. First, it creates noise that disturbs the people who live nearby.
2. Second, It impact Maine natural beauty, such as the landscape, the mountain, and the ocean.
3. Third, the wind is unpredictable and sometimes could be costly. B. Memorable conclusion: No wind turbine for Maine

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