Is The Affordable Care Act And Other Tax Law Changes Into Accounting Practice?

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becoming a top official in the corporate accounting world is more accessible to them. Being able to customize my career is essential to me because it allows me to love what I do. So regardless if I want to be an accountant in a toy company or a car company the opportunity will be there for me. The work public accountants take on is industry specific, it also depends on the company you are working for. Different companies have different standards, and your work will be based off of these standards.(Interview).
Prominent Issues: The issues that public, government, and cost accountants are dealing with are either tax law amendments or educational gaps. Currently, government accountants are facing the challenge of implementing the affordable care act and other tax law changes into accounting practice (Treasury). The affordable care act is one of the most challenging tasks yet, being the largest set of tax changes in the last twenty years (Treasury). Public and cost accountants both deal with issues in education. Cost accountants are experiencing academic researchers demonstrating a lack of care towards the “technical core of their discipline and its problems and issues which have a direct practical relevance.”(Cost Issue) Due to this negligence the development of management accounting theories is skewed, resulting in the theories not applicable to the real world. This gap leaves the need for “stronger focus on the technical core of the subject… so that they can be…

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