Is Superbugs Be The Single Most Important Health Issue Of The 21st Century?

1228 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
When people think of the “end of the world,” they usually imagine a world-ending meteor, rising tides that reach up into the tops of skyscrapers, or any other disaster that the creative minds at Hollywood have already made into a motion picture event. Yet, one apocalyptic event rarely pops into the minds of people when they imagine the end of mankind as we know it: superbugs. They are not giant insects, but rather, something much scarier. They are antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are unable to be killed by one of the most important aspects of modern health. Not only are these invisible microbes just as deadly and disastrous as a hostile alien race or an environmental catastrophe, but they are also a reality, already affecting thousands of people around the world every day. Considering how dangerous some of these bacteria can be, how closely connected humans are in the 21st century, and how inefficient some health care and political systems are, superbugs should be the single most important health issue of this decade. If we fail to see the dangers of this issue, these superbugs will be able to wreck and destroy modern human society. A major problem with superbugs is that the common pedestrian might not even know what they are. Simply put, superbugs are bacteria that have evolved to resist certain antibiotics. Although not resistant to every antibiotic, a superbug can overcome the hurdles of regular medicine and may require the use of more expensive and dangerous…

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