Is Studying Overseas Risky? Essay

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Is Studying Overseas Risky? Understanding Adjustment in Domestic and International Students
Higher education abroad is of very high value today, as students prefer to study in western universities. According to the 2013 OECD report, about 4.5 million students are enrolled in institutes outside their citizenship country (Rienties, Beausaert, Grohnert, Niemantsverdriet, & Kommers, 2011). This increase in international students makes an interesting topic for research on how well they can adjust to these new institutes. This study is designed to compare and address the impact of transitioning to university on adjustment of international and domestic students. In a diverse country like Canada, internationalization of higher education is happening at a rapid speed, thereby attracting more international students (Guo & Chase, 2010).
Social Adjustment or adaptation is defined as an individual’s ability to cope with the norms and values of a particular society. It plays a significant role not only in the transitional phase of international students but also for native students. Numerous studies have been conducted to show the transitional change from high school to university to have a negative impact on social adjustability (Jacob & Lefcovitch, 1998; Levin, Van Laar, Foote, 2006; Wang & Mallinckrodt, 2006).
In previous studies, vast majority of students determined their transition from high school to university to be a normative life event—something all individuals go through…

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