Is Sex Education Curriculum Affects Young Adults? Essay

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Sex, a topic no one wants to discuss, at least not openly. However, while we conceal our feelings and actions that are sexually motivated, the world we live in amplifies these thoughts and actions. Sex sells, and whether we know it or not this affects us. There are also many double standards surrounding sex, these especially affect women and girls. Inherently, these standards affect students. High school education has been a subject of possible reform for many years. One facet of this reform would be sexual education and whether or not it should be in schools. I believe that sociologists need to ask the question as to how sex education curriculum affects young adults from the ages of 18-29. Sex is such a taboo topic of discussion in high school if discussed in a classroom setting, outside of classroom is another story. From personal experience, everyone is talking about who’s doing who, who did what, and their own skills in the bedroom. Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are also topics on the table, but students rarely discus the actual risk of these things until it has already happened. Girls who get pregnant are either coddled or shamed and perhaps both by different parties. Rumors of STD’s run rampant ad becomes jokes among the class. Talking about sex is awkward for some and others become comfortable with it due to being sexually active at a young age. This question warrants sociological inquiry because of the many aspects of someone’s life as well as…

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