Is Science A Way Of Thinking? Essay

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This chapter is centered around the idea that science is a subject matter that is able to incorporate all other subjects into it yet it is not emphasized enough. “Science is a way of thinking; it involves doing, acting, investigating, gathering, organizing, and evaluating. Active teaching promotes learning and it is through science activities and experiences that students do, act, investigate, gather, organize, analyze, and evaluate information” (p.132). It is hard to imagine that through all of the benefits that exist within the field of science that it is still a subject that is not supported well enough in many schools.
The subject of science is complex and requires all types of English from writing to speech and it also requires students to actively engage. Science is a subject that ELL students are able to do well in because it is more direct and requires discussion, participation, and practice. This subject also offers a variety of work, when taught well it can include group work and collaboration. Collaboration is a great tool for any classroom, “Students’ experiences and engagement in science activities modify prior beliefs, yielding a scientific knowledge that is uniquely personal” (p.141). Each student is going to be able to bring something new to the conversation with their peers. I appreciate how the book mentioned that science is normally an area where students are competing against one another. Having students work together in courses that may have…

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