Is School Organized Sports? Essay

772 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
I found the podcasts to be very intriguing and brought attention to situations that I had no idea existed. If we look beyond the fact that twenty nine students were injured and three were killed the past year at Harper High, it sounds very similar to the high school I attended. While mine was much smaller in size and was primarily white and located in a rural setting, the students and school faculty seemed to have similar relationships. In the podcast, the narrator states that the faculty likes the students and the students like the faculty, which was the case at my high school. I can also compare how the faculty attempts to help the students who cannot afford to buy things such as soap or food, as many of our teachers and principals would purchase these necessities for the students who could not afford them at home. One major aspect of the podcast that I found very interesting was the fact that school organized sports did not help the students escape the gang life, or escape the gang violence, in most cases. For example, the one girl who they mentioned played on the basketball team at Harper High School, and she was a victim of gun and gang violence, and she died as a result of this. Another person who was featured on the podcast stated that years ago, being a good athlete or a good student prevented gangs from trying to recruit you, or coming after you. However, currently, the podcast states that you are in a gang simply depending on what street you were born on, and you…

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