Essay on Is Schizophrenia A Mental Disorder?

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects approximately 1.1 percent of the Americans in the world. Having a family member with a mental disorder like schizophrenia is very challenging and can be problematic to handle. A mental illness like schizophrenia is something no one should have to go through, but the reality is that there are many people who suffer from different types of mental illnesses. Reading about schizophrenia and discovering that there is no cure it becomes overwhelming. But researching can help gain hope when discovering that there are psychologists like Sigmund Freud. Reading about Sigmund Freud and gaining knowledge on his contribution to psychology and the world makes it seem less hopeless. Sigmund Freud helped change the world by contributing a new way to treat mental illnesses and introduced new ideas. Throughout the lifespan of Sigmund Freud 's life he has been very successful and everything he has done has contributed to his success. Freud, "attended a prominent school were [he] proved an outstanding student, excelling in languages, and English literature" ( "At the age of 17, Freud joined the medical facility at the University of Vienna to study a range of subjects, such as philosophy, physiology and zoology ( Then in 1881, Freud graduated and took on his career at the Vienna General Hospital and conducted research on aphasia and the effects of cocaine
("Freud was also an early…

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