Is Robbery A Crime? Essay

754 Words Mar 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Robbery is a crime that has a long history and difficult to prevent and prosecute. It is a serious crime and can happen to anyone. Every day there are people who experience something valuable taken from them and have that feeling of vulnerability. Even though it is difficult to completely prevent a robbery, law enforcement is continuing to try and improve the security of an individual or company’s property. Citizen reports are essential for policing efforts in stopping robberies. Police officers can’t prevent every crime and be everywhere or see all suspicious activity. You can step in and be involved in preventing these crimes. Get to know the officers on patrol and build a rapport with them so that you feel comfortable sharing the information. If you notice suspicious activity such as individuals surveilling an area or appearing nervous as they enter a business, report it to law enforcement. If you encounter a robber and find yourself in that situation there are some valuable reminders and steps for how to react.
Most often, robberies are thought out and planned ahead. Robbers like to know the territory that they will be in so that it will be easier to get in and escape. Homeowners should take preventive measures to lower the risk for home invasions and protect their family and other valuables. For instance, make your home appear occupied by leaving some lights on while you are out during the night. Locking exterior doors and windows when you leave and exterior…

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