Essay on Is Prostitution Ever Morally Justified?

1949 Words Dec 8th, 2014 8 Pages
Brittany Delgado
Phil 005
Professor R. Majeed
Is prostitution ever morally justified? Discuss with reference to Lars O. Ericsson’s (1980) paper, ‘Charges Against Prostitution’ in Ethics.

A myriad of definitions for prostitution exist, but simply put it’s the act of selling and buying sex. A second description is that it involves an exchange of money for sex between two people who have no legal, moral, or emotional attachment to one another (). There are many different modern day types of prostitution such as escorts, streetwalkers, and people who are pimped/trafficked. Whether prostitution is ever morally justified is a hot topic for debate among many, including philosophers. Although several ethical theories have added to this debate, I intend to examine the issue within the context of the divine command theory (DCT). I also intend to argue that according to the perspective of DCT, prostitution cannot ever be morally justified for multiple reasons. Reasons I aim to consider are the condemnation of prostitution by the Bible in specific passages, the belief by God that sex is sacred and should be excusive to marriage, and the idea that prostitution degrades both women and their families. In addition to arguing the denunciation of prostitution by DCT I will examine problems with DCT, such as arbitrariness, emptiness, and the abhorrent commands problem. Moreover, I will also look at counterarguments, for example that liberation, rather than degradation, comes from…

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