Essay about Is Profiling A Matter Of National Security?

1204 Words Aug 16th, 2016 null Page
As stated by the U.S. Supreme court, “freedom to travel throughout the United States has long been recognized as a basic right under the Constitution;” yet this freedom has been complicated by the national trauma caused by the events of September 11, 2001 (Ravich, 2005). Today, efforts by the federal government to bolster national security presents a fundamental tension in American society between the practical need for security and the societal promise of liberty (Ravich, 2005). Currently, one societal promise of liberty that is compromised with such security implementations is profiling of passenger within our airports. With this being said, is profiling a matter of national security or a violation of our Constitutional Rights? After September 11, traveling was one key component that changed as the war on terrorism grew. Today, we face intensive security measures prior to boarding commercial airlines; to include screenings, x-rays, and profiling. Sadly, not all measures have been taken slightly from citizens as many question whether or not such measures are violating our Constitutional Rights; more specifically profiling. Why is that? Well, let’s start by understanding what profiling is. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, as quoted by Cavusoglu (2010), defines profiling as “the selection for scrutiny by law enforcement officials, etc., based on superficial characteristics (as ethnic background or race) rather than evidentiary criteria.” Profiling is a proxy for…

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