Is Polygamy A Bad Social Sentiment? Essay

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The present day society emphatically trust that, monogamy is the main acknowledged type of marriage and then again, just a single person rehearsing polygamy is going against the law of God. Teachers in Christianity call it a bad social sentiment in view of their extraordinary research both in the book of scriptures and related materials. As indicated by them, polygamy is essentially inspired by a few variables, for example, financial power, economic wellbeing or even political gain. At different circumstances, it is a method for subduing over the top sexual desire or a statement of earnest love.
This paper will concentrate on examination of how polygamy has been viewed to be sanctioned or not sanctioned in the Bible using exampled and outside evidence.
The Bible is an incredibly useful book when compared to various traditional religions. Rather than covering the insufficiencies and imperfections of its key figures, the Bible is a great part of the history and shows mankind in their most significant sins and triumphs. In the beginning, it appears to express that God expected that marriage would be between just a single man and one lady (Genesis 2:23 - 24).
We find, in any case, later in God 's pledge that a couple of people, many people which were men of unprecedented sureness, had more than one life accomplice. Astonishingly, Old Testament people who rehearsed polygamy intertwine Abraham, King Ahab, Gideon, Jacob, David, King Jehoram and Solomon. Does God support or…

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