Essay on Is Nanny Jo 't Be Driving?

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I have been in the car dozens of times with my grandmother, Nanny Jo, as she likes to be called, and every time she drives, I get this feeling that she shouldn 't be driving. I don 't know what makes me feel that way, maybe it 's the fact that she is 78 years old and can barely see over the steering wheel or that she feels the majority rules of the road do not apply to her. I personally think it is because in 78 years of driving she has never been in a major accident and she feels impervious to accidents. As Nanny Jo has gotten older, my mom and aunt have discussed whether she should be driving. Each time they have come to the same conclusion that although it is a little dangerous for her to drive, the freedom she has to go to the park or visit her grandkids outweigh the perceived risk of her being on the road. Fortunately, Nanny Jo knows her limits, as she doesn’t drive in the dark, when it is raining, or during rush hour. She is aware that her vision, hearing, and reaction time are all diminished and therefore she cannot drive when those skills are needed the most. Although Nanny Jo is responsible when it comes to driving, I do not think many elderly are as prudent when it comes to their driving abilities. In 2012, 15 older adults were killed and 586 were injured on America’s roads an average day (NHTSA). Due to my own experience and the statistics, I believe that elderly populations should submit to a driving test every few years after they turn 65. This test would…

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