Is Locker Room Chat? Essay

1507 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
In the words of the 2016 Republican nominee, Donald Trump, a man deserves the right to “grab them (women) by the pussy.” This type of “locker room chat” has been widely accepted throughout the cultivation of modern human society. Through this type of acceptable sexual suggestion that occurs throughout the daily communications of humans, it has become a custom to expose products within advertisements with such vulgar remarks. Within an advertisement for a Van Heusen tie, consumers are subjected to the view of a blond, petite women on her knees at the mercy of her husband as she serves in breakfast. A perspective of such sexist and limiting position has been conditioned through the gender roles and male patriarchy within the development of human existence.
The power the advertiser places in the tie is exhibited through the idea that only a man is worthy enough to wear such a tie. Nevertheless, this is a very dangerous message to be sending as it is a very ethnocentric way to view male culture as it explains that the tie “show(s) her it’s a man’s world.” The danger behind the message is that it states a superiority within the cultural status of a man’s society and culture over that of a woman. This is furthermore developed through the inclusion of the women sitting on her knees looking up at the higher setting of the man. The act of looking up has been signified in the development of Western Religions in the idea that deities and gods are placed above that of men, and within…

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