Is Literature A Vehicle For Mental And Emotional Travel? Essay

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A. Research Question and Significance
Literature is a vehicle for mental and emotional travel which can produce learning, ethic validation, understanding, and even solidarity (Vasquez, 2005). There is a growing number of research on the immigrants (documented and undocumented) in social science in relation to their economic importance in the economy, but few on their mental health and/or their contributions to literature (Simich et al, 2009; Litwick, 2010; Chavez, 2013). Aside from the historical presence of Mexican immigrants (first and second generation) in the U.S. there is a lack of academic work that studies the representation of identity formation of immigrants in literature, especially contemporary literature of female authors.
I propose an interdisciplinary approach to study the autobiographic texts of the authors Sandra Cisneros’s A House of My Own: Stories from My Life (2015) and Reyna Grande’s The Distance Between Us: A Memoir (2013) along with a fictional texts: Caramelo (2002) and Across a Hundred Mountains (2006). In my research I will answer the following questions: (1) How do Cisneros and Grande portray identity formations through their fiction characters? (2) Are the identity journeys, physical and emotional, of the authors reflected on their fictional protagonist? (3) How are the authors portray of their identity better understood through the concept of liminality? If it reflected, I will study what effect it has on the character regarding its…

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