Is Killing A Person? Essay

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Most people find it hard to kill other people under normal conditions. Seeing an individual succumb to their death is something a majority of people consider as difficult as killing themselves. However, some people consider killing as a normal act since it is something that can be done within the twinkle of an eye. As much as the people who claim that killing is a difficult task, there are certain conditions that can make them kill other people. Killing another person can be as a result of self-defense when a person is attacked by an enemy thus seeking to prevent any damage that can result in loss of life. When an enemy attacks a person, there is no doubt that person will sit back and watch himself or herself being killed, a person is required to have some self-defense thus preventing the loss of life. As a result of self-defense, an individual can end up killing another person even if that was not his or her intention. Moreover, there are extreme when even the humble individuals who are perceived to be human and thus cannot kill can make another person lose their lives. War is one of the extreme cases where an individual is expected to show his skills and power to ensure that he does not lose his life. Moreover, in an event of a war, even the people who are seen to be the politest and cannot kill are expected to stand up and fight their enemies (Carlton, 2009). As a result of the fight, there can be the loss of life to the other party.

There are sometimes that people can…

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