Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? Essay

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The article “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” was written by Mark Bittman and published in the New York Times in late September of 2011. Bittman argues that people’s assumptions about fast food’s cheapness, high-calorie content and convenience are false. Bittman wrote this article to educate and recommend to people that a change is necessary in their food choices to improve their health. The article can be divided into five sections. Bittman opened the article with detailed explanation of the concept that junk food is cheaper than real food. Bittman then contrasts a typical order for a family of four from McDonald’s, which cost $28, to a home prepared meal for a family of four from the grocery store, which costs $14 or less. The author then disputes about high calories in these junk foods and the reason people tend to intake so much. This so-called reason is “to gain weight” (Bittman 661). Bittman then counteracts by proposing that “a meal of real food cooked at home can easily contain as many calories as junk food” (Bittman 661) and most of which are of the healthy variety. He then supports his proposal by listing healthy food types that are better alternatives to junk food. Such healthy foods are fresh vegetables, bread, rice, etc. In the next section, the author discussed people’s presumption about the caloric content of junk food. He drew the parallel between the calories included in junk food, compared to those with healthier options. Bittman made the essential point that…

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