Is It Worth It? Essay

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Is It Worth It?
Football is considered by many to be the number one sport in America. It is enjoyed by millions from little league all the way to the National Football League (NFL). As exciting as football is to watch, it is no denying that it is a high-impact and physically dangerous sport that can lead to many serious injuries. There is one such contact sport injury that can be more severe than many other sports-related injuries. What is the culprit? It is a concussion. Concussions are usually caused by a hard hit to the head that causes the brain to shake inside of the skull. A concussion can be a very serious brain injury that can possibly keep a player out of the game for weeks. Even more traumatic and career ending is when a player is the unfortunate victim of multiple concussions or other brain injuries.
Concussions and the long-term effects of concussions have become the central focal point in football safety. In more recent years, the NFL, along with little league and collegiate level football, has begun to take a more in depth look at the injury with the hope of increasing safety awareness and safety precaution. Football may be the most popular contact sport among Americans, but it is also an incredibly dangerous sport. Because of the constant danger, safety awareness is a critical aspect of football. It is crucial for every player on the field because every position is at risk of getting tackled or hit at any given time. Typically, the running back or wide…

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